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Music Production – Music Mixing  – Mastering 

Official Discogs link to registered credited releases

2018 ‘Gone Pale Again EP’ – FTR (Freetheradical)  – Mastering Engineer –  Adelaide (SA)

2018 ‘Remastered’ – Minky  – Mastering Engineer –  Darwin (NT)

2018 ‘Desert Divas 2018’ – Backing Production for performance  – Sound Engineer – MusicNT (NT)

2018 ‘Why Volunteer’ – Voice Over and Radio Spot Editing  – Sound Engineer – 8CCC (NT)

2018 ‘Megafauna Centra’ -Arrente Voice Over Recording/Editing  – Sound Engineer – CAAMA (NT)

2018 Poison Whisky – album tracking CAAMA Studios  – Sound Engineer – Producer (NT)

2018 Leonard Amagula – album tracking CAAMA Studios  – Sound Engineer – Producer (NT)

2017 The Gored Matadors “Automatic Suck Mechanism” – Mix Engineer (NT)

2017 Yuendumu Community Concert live recording – broadcast (PAW Media) – Mixing and Mastering (NT)

2017 Joaquin Hourbeigt ‘New Zealand” – Mix and Mastering Engineer (NT)

2017 ‘Muzik Iz 4eva’ – KnD – Mix Engineer and Music Producer (CAAMA Music)

2017 Capsule EP – Cooperblack (NT)

2017 Reagoivat Seed EP – Cooperblack (NT)

2016 Yuendumu Community Christmas Concert live recording – broadcast (PAW Media) – Mixing and Mastering (NT)

2016 Yuendumu Sports Weekend Battle Of The Bands live recording – broadcast (PAW Media) – Mixing and Mastering (NT)

2016 Yuendumu Community Concert live recording – broadcast (PAW Media) – Mixing and Mastering (NT)

2016 Yapa Beats 3 Compilation (PAW Media) – Mixing and Mastering (NT)

2015 Yuendumu Sports Weekend live recording (PAW Media) – Mixing and Mastering (NT)

2015 Yuendumu Community Concert live recording (PAW Media) – Mixing and Mastering (NT)

2015 Remote Indigenous Media Festival Concert (PAW Media – IRCA) – Mixing and Mastering (NT)

2015 Yuendumu Sports Weekend live recording (PAW Media) – Mixing and Mastering (NT)

2015 Yuendumu Community Concert live recording (PAW Media) – Mixing and Mastering (NT)

2015 Remote Indigenous Media Festival Concert (PAW Media – IRCA) – Mixing and Mastering (NT)

2015 What Is War  – Jalaiah Terry – Mixing Mastering  single (NSW)

2015 Future Phat –  FTR (freetheradical) – Mastering  – Adelaide (SA)

2014 Yuendumu Sports Weekend live recording (PAW Media) – Mixing and Mastering (NT)

2014 Desert Divas String Arrangement for performance NIMA 2014 (NT)

2014After The Rain EP – Anna Boustead –  Mastering EP – Darwin (NT)

2014 Steve Jones and The Velvet Gloves Mastering (Vic)

2014 Gulf Country Musecology Sound Design and final mastering 5 short films (NT)

2014 Rob Law ‘Particle’ EP mastering (VIC)

2014 Smoke Free Heart Foundation NT – Radio Adds Sound Editing and Design

2014 James Morris – Voice over for Online Promo

2014 Steve Jones – Online Mastering for EP (VIC)

2013 Tjintu Desert Band ‘Tjamuku Ngurra’ Album Producer and Engineer CAAMA (NT)

2013 Room 105 – Recording new EP (NT)

2013 Matthew The Oxx Recording ‘Elephant’ Engineer,Mixing and Mastering (UK)

2013 Rob Law – Mastering and Tuition (NT)

2013 Kouf Vocals Hip Hop Spoken Note Records (NT)

2013 Yothu Yindi – Rehearsal Engineer Darwin (NT)

2013 Gulf Country Musecology 7 weeks remote recording location sound Borroloola (NT)

2013 Darwin Hypnotherapy Recorded Hypnosis Sessions (NT)

2013 Jo Lane Demo(NT)

2013 Barunga Festival 2013 – Voice over for TV add Skinnyfish Music(NT)

2013 Tep Tok Reading Between Our Lines – Audio mastering for Video Promo (NT)

2013 FTR Editing and Mastering “Gamma’ (SA)

2013 Stormset Recording and Mixing (SA)

2013 Green Stone Gardens vs The Symphony Of Blue Darwin Festival 2013, composed and

arranged orchestral score for 7 strings to accompany the band Green Stone Gardens

2013 Lingalonga Festival – Batchelor Digital History listening post recording past stories of Batchelor NT

2013 Gulf Country Musecology r- Sound Recordist – traditional language stories and songs in the Borroloola region NT – 7 weeks

2013 Production Manager 2013 National Indigenous Music Awards

2013 David Spry and The Moral High Ground Album Recording (NT)

2013 MusicNT Voice Over for Radio add InTune Festival (NT)

2013 James MacCormack Demo tracks (NT)

2013 Indica Sunrise – EP (NT)

2013 Corrugated Iron – 1 Metre Squared – music composition and production (NT)

2013 Peter Saunders – Asthma foundation (NT)

2013 Brainstorm Studio – Voice overs for Radio (WA)

2013 NT Library – 1/2″ tape transfers for archive (NT)

2013 Stewart Gaykamangu – Album Production (CAAMA NT)

2013 Rick Graham – 6 songs Live In The Studio (NT)

2013 Pole Top Rescue – Songs for Triplej Unearthed (NT)

2012 Low-FI Cowboys Atmosphere Album Production and Engineering (VIC)

2012 Menzies School Of Health Education Talking Posters

2012 City Of Darwin HMS Beagle Ship Bell Chine recording

2012 Birahny Lawerence (Ballarat)

2012 80 Hundred (Ballarat)

2012 The Electric Sun Kings (Ballarat)

2012 Daisy Rizk (Ballarat)

2012 Sleeping Beauty – Live Concert Recording at Portico (Ballarat)

2012 Michelle Dunn – Demo (Ballarat)

2012 The Redans – Demo (Ballarat)

2012 Stormset (Adelaide)

2012 Barney MacDonald (Victoria)

2012 Doug Dragster – Audio Books – Author and Voice Ivan Honey (Bendigo)

2012 Sunshine Reggae Band CAAMA Studio, album production (Alice Springs)

2012 Nabarlek Band outstation demos – Manmoyi (SFM Music NT)

2011 DEMO – Beej – Bendigo

2011 DEMO – Jayme Lim – Ballarat

2011 DEMO – Colliders – Warnambool

2011 DEMO – The Crepes – Ballarat

2011 Mixing and Mastering – Tim Hubspith – Ballarat

2011 DEMO – Promotional CD – Chasing Mojo – Ballarat / Melbourne

2011 DEMO – Running Hot – Geelong

2011 EP – Gravity Gun – Melbourne

2011 DEMO – Josh Dance – Geelong

2011 CD – Goyim Melbourne

2011 Rrakala – Gurrumul – Assistant Engineer Avatar Studio New York City

2011 Doug Dragster – Audio Books – Author and Voice Ivan Honey (Bendigo)

2011 Monkeytin – DEMO (Ballarat)

2011 23rd Of Elvis (Ballarat)

2011 Sleeping Beauty – EP tracks – (Ballarat)

2011 Fred CD – (Ballarat / Melbourne)

2011 Matt Malone – DEMO – (Ballarat)

2011 Elicia – DEMO (Daylesford)

2011 Stretch N’ The Truth – Live recording at Adelphia Rehearsal Studio, Fitzroy (For Perambulator Records)

2011 The Indian Skies – Demo recording Ballarat (Hamilton)

2011 Teira – CD recording – (Ballarat)

2011 Hello Goodmorning – Earl Leonard EP – (Ballarat)

2010 Kim orchard EP mixing and mastering engineer

2010 Seesawtrace – What You Want – mix engineer and mastering

2010 Ali Mills – Waltjim Bat Matilda – additional recordings (Skinnyfish Music)

2010 Walkabout Boys – You’re The One – mix and recording engineer (Skinnyfish Music)

2010 Live In Darwin Gurrumul Yunupingu mix and live recording engineer (Skinnyfish Music)

2009 Nabarlek – Acoustic demo recording Manmoyi Outstation (Skinnyfish Music)

2009 “Gurrumul- Live Behind The Scenes Special”, Skinnyfish Films for Qantas In Flight Broadcast 2009 2010 – Live performance mixing (Skinnyfish Music)

2009 Ego Lemos – O Hele Le – recording engineer- extra recordings (Skinnyfish Music)

2009 Ali Tapper – Live Demo Recording at Happy Yess Darwin- recording engineer

2009 Mark A Hunter – “Songs From The Buffalo Country” – mix engineer – recording engineer – guest backing vocalist (Skinnyfish Music)

2009 Music from Indigenous Australia DFAT compilation, compiler and mastering (SFM)

2009 Country Town Collective House – recording and mix engineer

2009 2CATS 1HAT – “OKAY..HELLO? (COME HERE TOM)” – mix engineer – recording mastering engineer

2009 Wildflower – “Manginburru Bininj” – assistant engineer – (Skinnyfish Music)

2009 Cooperblack – “Malaysia”, E.P – engineer mix engineer

2008 Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu – “Gurrumul”, additional recordings, – (Skinnyfish Music) 2 X ARIA

Award Winner 2008 sold over 350, 000 units

2008 Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu – “Gurrumul live recording at Sydney Opera House”, assistant engineer and mix engineer (Skinnyfish Music)

2008 XZILR8, engineer, Darwin percussion group FAA Muziq

2008 “Live at The Monsoon Sessions Darwin”, B2M – recording and mix engineer – (Skinnyfish Music)

2008 Lonely Boys – Lonely Child mix engineer – (Skinnyfish Music)

2008 Milyakbura Band – “Ena – Balunga”, mix engineer – (Skinnyfish Music)

2008 “Barunga 2008 – Road Safety”, Various artists – mix engineer – recording engineer – (Skinnyfish Music)

2007 Nabarlek – Manmoyi Radio- engineer, co producer IMA WINNER 2007 (Skinnyfish Music)

2007 Jigsaw Jazz – “M*Bass “, mix engineer

2007 “Muyngarnbi, Songs From Walking With Spirits”, engineer, Djilpin Arts N.T (Skinnyfish Music) NIMA Winner 2008

2006 Barunga Live 2006′ – recorded and mixed engineer and studio tracks [Skinnyfish Music]

2006 Lean Flanagan – The Seasons- demo engineer

2005 Desmo- Broken Hearts Stolen Kiss Producer and Engineer – Lynette Lewis

2005 John Leon – Steam- producer and engineer

2005 Corrugated Youth Arts, Darwin – ‘In Vogue” song production and arranging

2005 JJK (Steve Jones Band) – mastering and mixing Demo EP

2004 Sophie Koh – Darwin Session E.P – recording engineer and producer and produced for Triple J unearthed winner for the N.T

2004 Yugul Band – Blues Across The River – Pro Tools editor on album (Skinnyfish Music)

2004 Up Close and Personal – CD for Charles Darwin University student compilation mastering engineer

2003 The Duanes – Mixing and Mastering

2003 The Duanes – The Noose Longhorn Remix Re-Edit

2003 Seesawtrace – Bring It Back_korupt mixremix

2003 Stormriders – EP Waiting For A Miracle – recorded, producer and engineered

2003 Vassy K – Cover You In Kisses Co-recording credits with Chris Thompson [Triple J producer], for , Triple J unearthed winner for the N.T

2002 Swayback – Recording engineering promotional CD

2001 The Violets – “Unwelcome Digital Visitor” – album with co-mixing credit.

2001 Seesawtrace – “True Accent” – Producer and Engineer

2001 “Accidental Voice Quintet” audio used on Adelaide Festival promotional email

2001 Tripwired (now Shimmertek) ep “Slowburner”-Capsize “Vechiotounge Mix- remix

2001 DJTR!P – “Seed (P.O.D)” from the “Recyclise Reinterpreted” remix






Sound Design Audio Specific

2013 I Am Man’ sound design New Black Theatre Season Darwin

2000 Compositions for art exhibition “Melisma” during the 2000 Adelaide Festival Fringe, with visual artists Elizabeth Abbott, Max Bowden and Nigel Tinning. Double CD produced from evolving sound scapes in exhibition.

2000 Compositions for art exhibition “Q Jumping”, collaboration with new media artist FTR producing sounds for Virtual – VRML worlds. [Virtual Reality Markup Language]

1998 “Pong” old school games / music event. Produced 30 second radio add.

Audio and Music – Compositions for Video

1999 “In Love Pt.2” by David Evans. theme music (SA)

1998 “Hong Kong Fooey & The Great Chinese Takeaway” video by Charlie Hill-Smith and Impartial

productions theme music (SA)

1998 “Breakout 98 – Fundraiser” Breakout was a corporate fundraising event to help Australia’s

Wheelchair Sports Athletes. Producer Gordon Anderson, Staging design b Steven Love. (SA)

1997 “Extension of Argot Agoo” by Christine Tzidras, video produced by Melissa Cooper and Jeremy

Conlon, appearing on the ABC’s Eat Carpet – accompanying music

1997 “Fecundity” art exhibition by Elizabeth Abbott, touring Adelaide and Sydney.

1994 ‘Sculpture” Linear Park Documentary video by Christina Metelmann theme music

Music Compositions for Theatre

2013 New Blak Territory Sound Design and compositions for Ben Graetz (NT)

2013 Corrugated Iron – 1 Metre Squared – music composition and production (NT)

2005 Reckless CircusTheatre/circus production Darwin festival Starshell, Corrugated Youth Arts, Darwin

2004 Obernewtyn – Theatre production Corrugated Youth Arts, Darwin

2001 Recorded and edited music compositions by David Harris for production of “Lie Of The Mind”, produced by Tim Maddock, Brink Productions, Adelaide

2001 Compositions for production of “King Lear” directed by Paul Peers, produced by Marus J. Caune, performed at Carrick Hill, Feb-March 2001 , Adelaide

1998 Audio compiler for production “Morde” by Paul Rees, Adelaide

Compact Disc releases solo [cooperblack]

2017 Reagoivat Seed – self release EP

2017 Capsule – self release EP

2015 Return To The Big Eyes – self release EP

2009 Malaysia EP – recording and mix engineer

2008 My Art Is Bleeding – self produced and released

2006 Soft Robot EP – self produced and released

2005 The Shiny Side1 – self release, production and distribution

2001 ITEM” CD EP, Self release and distribution with Tyson Hoprich

2000 Presbus CD single, through Krell Records, distributed by Shock. (High Rotation TripleJ)

1998 Interpacer full length CD, self release.

1994 Tenth Hour Degree cassette, self release.

Compact Disc releases [The Violets 12 string acoustic Guitarist, keys and backing vocals]

2001 “Unwelcome Digital Visitor” album with co-mixing credit. (performer)

2000 “Nero” KR0010 EP (performer)

1999 “Asphyxia” KR0005 mini album (performer)

1998 “At Least Said” KR0003 EP (performer)

1995 “Mary Who” PHMCD49 EP (performer)

1995 “Leased Regret” PHCD50 EP. Full Length album receiving the 1995 SAMIA “Album of the Year” award. (performer)

1994 “Somewhere” PHMCD41 EP (performer)

1993 “Subtitle” PHCD32 EP (performer)