A small example of releases that Jeremy has credits on either as Sound Engineer, Assistant Engineer, Mix Engineer or Producer


Capsule ltd – CD available here



Compilation CD “Capsule ltd” available exclusively at Gigs or via Facebook (message here) – 3 EPs for $15.00 plus postage – 16 tracks – EPs included – ‘Capsule’, ‘Reagoivat Seed’ and ‘Return To The Big Eyes’


Includes the tracks


1. When I’m Gone (Remember)

2. Play On Forever

3. Flags Wave (Flags Fall)

4. Fail (Face Away)

5. Suomenlinna

6. You’re So Sure


Reagoivat Seed

7. With Knives

8. Glasses Rose

9. Edge Complete

10. Embreyo

11. This Promise


Return To The Big Eyes

12. I Assume

13. Come Down

14. 3 Point Turn (feat. elmstonchrist)

15. Break Us Make Us

16. Strike Strikes